Wagner Resources

Bayreuth Performance Database

This database from Bayreuth lists programs, productions and performers back to 1951.

Wagner online

Richard Wagner Verband International


Wagneropera.net is developed by Per-Erik Skramstad in Norway. It provides access to interviews, CD and DVD recommendations, a directory of Wagnerian conductors, singers, directors, and much more.

The Wagner Journal

The Wagner Journal from the UK is a periodical that seeks to examine Wagner and his works from a variety of perspectives - musicological, historical, literary, philosophical and political - and to illuminate the unique appeal of this endlessly fascinating composer.

Richard Wagner on OperaGlass

Richard Wagner on OperaGlass hosted by Stanford University in the USA.

Richard Wagner Museum

The Richard Wagner Museum is housed in the Villa Wahnfried, Bayreuth and was established in time for the centennial of the Bayreuth Festival in 1976.

Let there be Leitmotifs!

The following comment by Anthony McAlister and his reference to a long YouTube video, with Michael Beckermann, Musical Historian, University College Santa Barbara, exploring the musical techniques of Wagner, might be of use to Members studying their leitmotifs for The Ring Cycle:

I recently came across this excellent video explaining the difference between musical motives and the leitmotifs that Wagner skillfully [sic] employed in his operas. A rather compelling case is made for the idea that Wagner's leitmotifs are the precursor to modern film scoring which often utilises musical representations of various characters, places, and objects. Special attention is paid to the last of the Ring operas, Gotterdammerung, wherein Wagner deftly weaves many of the Ring's primary leitmotifs into a new leitmotif at the very end, one that symbolises redemption through love. Quite fitting given that today marks the end of LA Opera's three Ring cycles! You can find the video on the website.