13 November 2022: Recital 'Albumblätter aus Dresden' with Jessica Harper [soprano], Joseph Eisinger [cellist] & Bradley Gilchrist [pianist]: A selection of Germanic repertoire, including Lieder, arias & cello transcriptions by Wagner, Weber, Liszt and Strauss

- Morgen by Richard Strauss (transcribed for cello by Dunn) - Jessica Harper, Joseph Eisinger & Bradley Gilchrist


2 March 2022: ‘Amfortas! Die Wunde ... Two Wounded Disciples’: The post-Christian world of Parsifal and the curious symbiosis between Amfortas and Klingsor, by Christopher Cook via zoom

Zoom talk - Christopher Cook

Talk transcript


19 January 2022: The making of 'Marjorie Lawrence: The World at her Feet', by Wayne Groom and Dr Carolyn Bilsborow, via zoom

- Zoom talk - Wayne Groom, Dr Carolyn Bilsborow

28 November 2021: 'Ariadne's Christmas Thread'

- the full concert

- Adelaide Op. 46 by Beethoven - Jill Sullivan (mezzo-soprano), Michael Curtain (pianist)

- Phänomen Op. 61 by Brahms - Pamela Andrews (soprano), Jill Sullivan, Michael Curtain

- Die Boten der Liebe Op. 61 by Brahms - Pamela Andrews, Jill Sullivan, Michael Curtain

- Rhapsody in B Minor Op. 79, No.1 by Brahms - Michael Curtain

- Oh! Quand je dors by Liszt - Emily Turner (soprano), Michael Curtain

- Der du von dem Himmel bist (version 3) by Liszt - Jill Sullivan, Michael Curtain

- Euch Lüften, die mein Klagen from Lohengrin by Wagner - Pamela Andrews, Michael Curtain

- Ortrud! wo bist du from Lohengrin by Wagner - Pamela Andrews, Jill Sullivan, Michael Curtain

- Ich schwebe Op. 45 by R Strauss - Pamela Andrews, Michael Curtain

- September (2nd, Four Last Songs) by R Strauss - Pamela Andrews, Michael Curtain

- Wo in Bergen du dich birgst from Die Walküre by Wagner - Jill Sullivan, Michael Curtain

- Es gibt ein Reich from Ariadne auf Naxos by R Strauss - Pamela Andrews, Michael Curtain

- Marie Theres’! Hab’ mir’s gelobt by R Strauss - Pamela Andrews, Emily Turner, Jill Sullivan, Michael Curtain

2 September 2021: Anna-Louise Cole in conversation with Dr Robert Mitchell via zoom

- Zoom talk - Anna-Louise Cole

YouTube links to music referred to in the video:

- Excerpt 1: Part of ‘Dich teure Halle’ from Tannhäuser Act 2 - Anna-Louise Cole (Opera Australia Orchestra, Tahu Matheson cond., from Opera Australia’s film ‘Opera is Back’, 2021) YouTube link for ‘Opera is Back’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POjN2thotcI [Anna-Louise's excerpt begins at 7.07m]

- Excerpt 2 : 'Du bist der Lenz' from 'Die Walküre', Act 1 - Jeannine Altmeyer with Peter Hofmann (Chereau production, Bayreuth Festival 1976, Boulez cond.) YouTube link: https://youtu.be/PDdURujLKY0  

- Excerpt 3 : 'Ewig war ich' from 'Siegfried', Act 3 - Kirsten Flagstad with Set Svanholm (1951 studio recording, Georges Sébastian cond.) YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H59o70HP9HI

- Excerpt 4: Immolation Scene from 'Götterdämmerung', Act 3 - Birgit Nilsson (from the BBC documentary The Golden Ring 1964) YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sTPKDY9GFA

6 June 2021: Alex Ross in conversation with Dr David Larkin via zoom

'Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music' - Alex Ross

23 May 2021: Wagner-Liszt recital by Tamara-Anna Cislowska to celebrate The Society's 40th anniversary and Richard Wagner's 208th birthday, at St Columba Community Centre

Recalling the founding events of the Wagner Society in NSW, and more - Richard King

7 March 2021: Wagner at 40, a Wagner Society in NSW at 40 concert, at Mosman Art Gallery

- Our Wagner at 40 concert, Part 1

- Our Wagner at 40 concert, Part 2

Senta's ballad from Der fliegende Holländer by Wagner Laura Scandizzo (soprano), Bradley Gilchrist (pianist)

Sonata for piano and violin, 2nd movement, by Beethoven - Cedar-Rose Newman (violinist), Bradley Gilchrist

Einsam in Trüben Tagen from Lohengrin by Wagner  Laura Scandizzo, Bradley Gilchrist

Dich, Teure Halle from Tannhäuser by Wagner Laura Scandizzo, Bradley Gilchrist 

Six Sonatas for Solo Violin Op. 27, Sonata No. 4 in E minor by Ysaÿe - Cedar-Rose Newman

Sonata in A-flat Major, WWV85 (Eine Sonate für das Album von Frau Mathilde Wesendonck) by Wagner - Bradley Gilchrist

TräumeWesendonck Lieder No. 4 by Wagner Laura Scandizzo, Bradley Gilchrist



18 October 2020: Talk by Dr David Larkin via zoom

Beyond the opera house: CS Lewis & Wagner reception in Edwardian Britain - Dr David Larkin


27 February 2020: The Hon Jane Mathews AO Memorial Concert at St Columba Community Centre 

A memento of the Memorial Concert - Anthony Negus (pianist), Emily Turner (soprano), Eleanor Greenwood (soprano), Laura Scandizzo (soprano), Timothy Nunn (tenor),  Hamish James (baritone)

Mir ist so wunderbar from Fidelio by Beethoven - Anthony Negus, Emily Turner, Laura Scandizzo, Timothy Nunn, Hamish James


22 November 2015: Christmas concert with Laura Scandizzo, Jenny Bonner, Soonki Park & pianist Michael Curtain, at Glebe Justice Centre​​​

Heimliches Liebe (Secret Love) by Schubert - Jenny Bonner (soprano), Michael Curtain (pianist)

4 May 2014: Wagner and Beyond concert with Mikey Curtain (pianist), Catherine Bouchier, David Greco, Gigi Daniel, Emilie Lemasson & Matthew Reardon, at Mosman Art Gallery

Exstase by Wagner - David Greco (baritone), Michael Curtain (pianist)

Tout n'est qu'images fugitives by Wagner - Emilie Lemasson (soprano), Michael Curtain (pianist)

Und ob die Wolke sie verhülle from Der Freischütz by Weber - Emilie Lemasson, Michael Curtain 

L'Attente by Wagner - Emilie Lemasson, Michael Curtain

Mignonne by Wagner - Emilie Lemasson, Michael Curtain

Dors, mon enfant by Wagner - Emilie Lemasson, Michael Curtain