Wagner Society events held in 2001


18 February 1pm: Video - Das Rheingold (Bayreuth 1991/92 - Barenboim & Kupfer - Tomlinson, Finnie, Johansson, Svenden, von Kannen, Hölle, Kang etc)
Whole Ring Cycle to be shown over 2001-2002
  Goethe Institut
18 March 1pm: Video - Die Walküre (Bayreuth 1991/92 - Barenboim & Kupfer)   Goethe Institut
8 April 1pm: Video - Parsifal (Bayreuth 1981 - Stein & Wagner - Weikl, Salminen, Sotin, Jerusalem, Randova etc)    Goethe Institut
20 May

Annual lunch to commemorate Richard Wagner's birthday, 22 May 1813.

Guest Speaker, Professor Nicholas Routley from the Music Department of the University of Sydney, spoke on Parsifal and Ritual 

  The Women's Club 
15 July



- Recital by Warwick Fyfe, Bass, and Stephen Mould, piano. Warwick sang a selection of songs by Wagner, Pfitzner, Liszt and Loeew.

- afternoon tea
a short talk by Simon Williams, Professor of Dramatic Art, University of California, Santa Barbara, on Assailing the Hero: the Directors approach to Wagnerian Opera


Goethe Institut

Home of Helen and Peter Hall



20 - 22 July

Parsifal Seminar - lecturer is Simon Williams, Professor of Dramatic Art, University of California, Santa Barbara
- Simon will give two lectures on Saturday
- gala dinner on Saturday night



16  September

1pm: Video - Siegfried (Bayreuth 1991/92 - Barenboim & Kupfer)

  Goethe Institut
21 October 1pm: Discussion led by members who attended the 2000 and 2001 Bayreuth Festivals   Goethe Institut
18 November 1pm: Professor Marie Bashir, Governor of NSW, with Dr Boman and Dr Stephen Freiberg: Psychological Aspects of the Major Characters in Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungen    Goethe Institut
9 December 1pm: Annual Society Christmas Party; Wagner in Hollywood - Movie/Music Quiz     Goethe Institut