Wagner Societies


The Richard Wagner Society of South Australia

The Richard Wagner Society of South Australia Inc. was founded to promote artistic, scholarly and public interest in Richard Wagner’s works and in those who perform them. By organising lectures, recitals, exhibitions, symposia, electronic screenings and social events, we expand our understanding of his life, his times, his works and his influence on music, drama, art and ideas. 

Our Society is also committed to supporting Wagner performance in Australia by sponsoring singers and musicians or assisting in other ways.




The Wagner Society (Victoria)

The Richard Wagner Society was founded in Victoria by a small and dedicated group of enthusiasts in 1981. It was incorporated in 1985. The Society aims to encourage the performance of Wagner’s music and to increase the knowledge and appreciation of his life and works and those of his contemporaries. It provides a focus for lovers of Wagner’s music and opportunities to meet and talk with those of a like mind. 

The Wagner Society of Queensland

The Wagner Society in Queensland was formed to promote the artistic, scholastic, and public awareness of the musical, dramatic, and theoretical works of Richard Wagner.

It organises talks, screenings, recitals and symposia relevant to the composer’s life and works and their historical, cultural, and philosophical context. It encourages the performance of Wagner’s works by supporting, singers, composers, and musicians.

The society strives to create a convivial social atmosphere in which to celebrate the composer.

The Richard Wagner Society of WA

The Richard Wagner Society of Western Australia was formed in 1986 by a group of people who love Wagner's music. Its purpose is to promote the love of Wagner's music.



Richard-Wagner-Verbrand-International (RWVI)

The International Association of Wagner Societies (RWVI), also known as the Verband, unites regional Wagner Societies around the world. 

The RWVI aims to create interest in and deepen the understanding of Richard Wagner's works, to provide support for the next generation of artists, to support the Richard Wagner Scholarship Foundation, which was founded at the behest of Richard Wagner, to ensure the continuing success of the Bayreuth Festival and to promote international co-operation.



Wagner Society of New Zealand

The Wagner Society of New Zealand is an incorporated society of approximately 400 members sharing a common interest in the life, works and influence of Richard Wagner (1813-1883), conductor, critic, designer, writer, inventor of music drama, and composer of some of the greatest music ever written.

The Wagner Society

The Wagner Society exists for the promotion of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the life and works of Richard Wagner. It holds regular concerts, meetings, talks and master classes in Central London.

The Wagner Society of Ireland

Wagner Society of Dallas

Wagner Society of New York

Wagner Society in New York on YouTube

Members might be interested to know that The Wagner Society in New York also has a very interesting and informative "channel" on YouTube with videos of many of its lectures, presentations and recitals, including a roundtable chat with a charming and truly modest Jay Hunter Morris.

Wagner Society of Washington DC

Wagner Society of Northern California

Toronto Wagner Society

Finnish Wagner Society

Richard Wagner Society of South Africa