Society events held in 2014


2 February 12.30pm: DVD - Act 1,
Tristan und Isolde,
Glynebourne 2007 Lehnoff production with Nina Stemme
2pm: After Wagner, first time Melbourne Ring cast and creative report back; and welcome back party   Goethe Institut
2 March 12.30pm: DVD - Act 2,
Tristan und Isolde
2pm: Valkyries of the Wagner clan: family disfunction set to music, 
by Dr David Schwartz
  Goethe Institut
6 April 12.30pm: DVD - Act 3,
Tristan und Isolde

2pm: R1 and R2: The two Richards,
Strauss and Wagner 
by Dr David Larkin

  Goethe Institut
4 May  

2pm: Wagner and Beyond Concert with Mikey Curtain (pianist),
Catherine Bouchier, David Greco, 
Gigi Daniel, Emilie Lemasson

& Matthew Reardon



Some performances on YouTube:

-- Tout n'est qu'images fugitives

-- Und ob die Wolke sie verhülle

-- L'Attente

-- Mignonne

-- Dors, mon enfant

-- Exstase

Mosman Art Gallery
25 May  


- Annual General Meeting

- Recital by Matthew Reardon and
Chris Richardson (Lisa Gasteen National Opera School Scholar) accompanied by Bradley Gilchrist

- Wagner’s Birthday Celebration

  Goethe Institut
15 June 12.30pm: DVD - Act 1 of Parsifal,  Met Opera 2013 with Kaufmann 2pm: Simon O'Neill, Heldentenor from the Southern hemisphere   Goethe Institut
20 July 12.30pm: DVD - Act 2 of Parsifal,  Met Opera 2013 with Kaufmann 2pm: Behind and below the stage by
Mamie Sebire, Wagner tuba, Melbourne Ring Orchestra and Roger Press, Assistant Director, Melbourne Ring Cycle
  Goethe Institut
23 August   10am - 5pm: Beyond the twilight of the gods: Wagner's musical legacy by
Dr Antony Ernst 
  Willoughby Uniting Church
21 September 12.30pm: DVD - Act 3 of Parsifal,  Met Opera 2013 with Kaufmann 2pm: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: The Long Strange Ride of Wagner's Valkyries by Dr James Wierzbicki   Goethe Institut
11 October 12.30pm: DVD - Wagner Bicentenary Gala Concert from Semperoper Dresden with Jonas Kaufmann, and Staatskapelle Dresden conducted by Christian Thielemann 2pm: In pursuit of choral perfection: insiders' views of the Bayreuther Festspiel Choir by George Gilmour and
Sarah Louise Owens
  Goethe Institut
9 November  


- Recital by Anke Hoppner accompanied by David Miller

- Christmas party

Program Goethe Institut