Society events held in 2005


20 February   2pm: Post-Adelaide Ring Cycle discussion   Goethe Institut
17 April   2pm: Palm Sunday - Alan Whelan Symbols in Parsifal    Goethe Institut
22 May  

25th anniversary



- Recital by Conservatorium German language scholarship winners and Wagner’s birthday party (this is the actual birthday).

This meeting will coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Society and the 100th Newsletter - June 2005 issue, to celebrate 25 years since Wagner lovers met in Bayreuth on 26 October 1980 and agreed to start a Wagner Society in Australia.












100th Newsletter

Goethe Institut
17 July   2pm: Dr Roger Hillman, German and Film Studies, Australian National University - Wagner and film    Goethe Institut
7 August   2pm: Miriam Gordon-Stewart, acclaimed dramatic soprano Deborah Polaski - her career and recent productions and recordings     Goethe Institut
18 September  

2pm: Panel-led discussion of Bayreuth 2005 performances

  Goethe Institut
16 October  

2pm: Composer Nigel Butterly - Liszt and Wagner  


Goethe Institut

20 November   2pm: Alan WhelanPerception and Reception of Wagner in the Nazi period   Goethe Institut
11 December   2pm: End of year function    Goethe Institut