We would like to encourage members to renew their membership subscriptions for 2021, due by 28 February 2021. We are doing this in order to align our cash flow to plan events and continue our artist support program.

We have developed an excellent program of events for the first half of the year, with more to come. Dramatic sopranos Susan Bullock and Lise Lindstrom - both wonderful Brünnhildes - will each talk to us via Zoom from London, Professors Heath Lees and Thea Brejzek will give presentations on ‘Wagnerism’ and Adolphe Appia, and there will be our usual combined concert and champagne celebration of Wagner’s birthday PLUS our 40th anniversary celebration party (Covid-19 willing).

Let us all look forward to 2021 being another successful year for Wagner lovers and the Wagner Society in NSW, in spite of Covid-19!

Subscriptions for 2021 are the same as for 2020:

Single membership


Single pensioner membership


Shared membership - same mailing address and contact numbers


Shared Pensioner membership - same mailing address and contact numbers


Student membership




The three methods of paying your subscription:

1. by e-invoice
Just let us know by replying the the email sent to members, or
by advising us online at, and we'll forward an e-invoice so you can pay electronically by debit or credit card. Too easy!

2. by Electronic Funds Transfer
Use your bank's internet banking facilities to send your payment electronically to
Westpac Banking Corporation, Paddington NSW Branch:

Account Name: The Wagner Society
BSB: 032040
Account Number: 911323

3. by Cheque
Mail a cheque or money order for your annual membership fee to:

The Wagner Society
GPO Box 4574
Sydney NSW 2001


When the subscription is due:
We would appreciate the subscription renewal by 28 February 2021.