We would love to welcome new members of the Wagner Society in NSW in 2021.

Why become a member? Well, apart from joining a group of fellow Wagnerites, there are lots of benefits. As a member, you can:
- attend a variety of events each year, including talks, seminars, concerts and films, with outstanding presenters and exciting performers, and with afternoon tea following each event;
- attend a champagne celebration of Wagner’s birthday and a Christmas Party;
- meet and get to know like-minded Wagnerites;
- enjoy the fellowship of our extended network of music/theatre lovers when attending performances in Australia and overseas;
- receive four issues of the Wagner Quarterly per year as well as regular e-news;
- access the Society’s website with its photo gallery, views and reviews about Australian and international Wagner productions, all previous Quarterlies, all previous events, and much more;
- have the opportunity to access tickets for the annual Bayreuth Festival; and
- know that you are helping to support young Wagnerian or potential Wagnerian performers from NSW as well as productions of Wagner in Australia.

Subscriptions for 2021 are:

  • Single membership $75.00

  • Single Pensioner membership $45.00

  • Shared membership $110.00 - same mailing address and contact numbers

  • Shared Pensioner membership $65.00 - same mailing address and contact numbers

  • Student membership $25.00 

If you would like to join us, just fill in your details in the new members online application form at the end of the webpage here.