society events held in 2016


12.30pm: DVD - Part 1, Visconti's Ludvig 2pm: Recalling the Adelaide Rings and Parsifal by          Peter Bassett report Goethe Institut
13 March 12.30pm: DVD - Part 2, Visconti's Ludvig 2pm: Zigfrid & Bryungilda - A History of Great Wagner Singers of Imperial Russia 
by Dr Rosamund Bartlett
report Goethe Institut
17 April 12.30pm: DVD - Part 3, Visconti's Ludvig 2pm: AGM & Richard Wagner and the Visual Arts by       Trevor Clark report Goethe Institut
22 May  


- Concert of young singers supported by the Society:  Laura Scandizzo, Lucy Bailes,
pianist Jennifer Clarkson & pianist Bradley Gilchrist

- Champagne Celebration of Wagner's Birthday

report Goethe Institut
19 June 12.30pm: DVD - Anna Russell’s “analysis” of The Ring Cycle 2pm: After Wagner by    Andrew Ford report Goethe Institut
24 July   1.30pm: Joachim Herz’s
Flying Dutchman by       Graham Bruce 
  Goethe Institut
6 August   2pm: Seminar on Bach to the Future: Wagner's Roots and the German Nation by                    Dr Antony Ernst report Goethe Institut
7 August   10am: Seminar on Bach to the Future: Wagner's Roots and the German Nation by                   Dr Antony Ernst report Goethe Institut
20 September   2pm: Australian Singers of Wagner: The Known and Unknown by Roger Neill report Goethe Institut
16 October   2pm: Music of the Future? Liszt, Wagner and the Audiences of the Day by            Dr David Larkin report Goethe Institut
30 October  


- Concert by artists supported by Wagner Society: Jessica Harper & pianist                 Bradley Gilchrist

- Christmas Party



St Columba Community
Centre, Woollahra