Society events held in 2007


18 February 1pm: Tony Palmer's Wagner film, part 8 of 10 2pm: Discussion led by
Dr Terence Watson and others on the Toronto and Costa Mesa Ring cycles and a short talk by Terence on The “Problem” of Siegfried
  Goethe Institut
18 March 1pm: Tony Palmer's Wagner film, part 9 of 10 2pm: Robert Gay - the occurrence of defining elements of French Grand Opera, the dominant art form of that period, which are to be found in Wagner’s mature works, even in Parsifal   Goethe Institut
15 April 1pm: Tony Palmer's Wagner film, part 10 of 10 2pm: Nigel Butterley's second Faust talk, Faust and the Feminine    Goethe Institut
20 May  

2pm: AGM

2.30pm: Recital by students from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music who have received German Language Scholarships from our Society: Catherine Bouchier,
Helen Sherman
Andrew Finden
accompanied by Sharolyn Kimmorley

3pm: catered birthday celebration for Richard Wagner 

  Goethe Institut
15 July   2pm: Roger Cruickshank - Wolfram, the glue that binds the two legends which are Wagner's sources for his story of Tannhäuser   Goethe Institut
2  September  

2pm: Professor Heath LeesWagner and Mallarmé: Music as Poetry 

  Goethe Institut
21 October   2pm: Bayreuth attendees return like the pilgrims from Rome, to tell us of the second year of the Ring and the new production of Meistersinger by Katharina Wagner    Goethe Institut
11 November   2pm: Dr Antony ErnstTristan und Isolde    Goethe Institut
9 December   2pm: End of Year Function    Goethe Institut