NEXT EVENT: 2.00pm, Sunday 8 August 2021 [AEST]: Stephen Mould talks about his book 'Curating Opera' via zoom

Owing to the Sydney Covid-19 Lockdown currently due to end on 30 July 2021, Stephen Moulds talk on his book Curating Opera - Reinventing the Past Through Museums of Opera and Art will now be held by zoom from 2 - 3pm on Sunday 8 August [AEST].

We encourage members and friends to join this zoom talk. Members of the public are most welcome.

Step 1: Registration: Those wishing to join the zoom session will need to register by emailing us at  

Step 2: Payment of registration fee of $10: An e-invoice will be emailed to those who register, for payment by debit or credit card .

Registration and fee: due by Thursday 5 August please.

Step 3: Emailing of Zoom link: This will be emailed on Friday 6 August to those who have registered and paid, and again on the morning of the zoom.


About the book

'Curating Opera'

Curation as a concept and a catchword in modern parlance has, over recent decades, become deeply ingrained in modern culture. The purpose of Stephen Mould’s study is to explore the curatorial forces at work within the modern opera house and to examine the functionaries and processes that guide them. In turn, comparisons are made with the workings of the traditional art museum, where artworks are studied, preserved, restored, displayed and contextualised – processes which are also present in the opera house. Curatorial roles in each institution are identified and described, and the role of the celebrity art curator is compared with that of the modern stage director, who has acquired previously undreamt-of licence to interrogate operatic works, overlaying them with new concepts and levels of meaning in order to reinvent and redefine the operatic repertoire for contemporary needs.


About Stephen Mould

Stephen Mould

Stephen Mould studied music in Sydney and London, subsequently pursuing a career in opera houses, where he has been employed as a coach, musical assistant, conductor and senior administrator in Germany, Belgium, Australia and the USA. For thirteen years he was a member of the staff of Opera Australia, as a musical assistant, conductor and Head of Music. He is currently senior lecturer in conducting and operatic studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney.