'Wagner & Gluck' by Professor Michael Ewans + Wagner’s Birthday champagne celebration, 20 May 2018

12.30pm: DVD: Wagner’s Jews
2.00pm: Presentation by Professor Michael Ewans 
Wagner’s birthday champagne celebration 

DVD: Wagner’s Jews
A documentary by Hilan Warshaw, 2013. Even as Wagner called for the elimination of the Jews from German life, many of his most active supporters were Jewish. Can art transcend bigotry?

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Wagner and Gluck
Life-time Wagner Society member and honorary life member, Professor Michael Ewans is an eminent academic, musicologist and opera director and an expert in Ancient Greek theatre. He is the author of many books including Wagner and Aeschylus: the ‘Ring’ and the ‘Oresteia’ (1982) and Performing Opera: a practical guide for singers and directors (2016).

In his insightful presentation, Professor Ewans spoke about Wagner's adaptation of Gluck's 'Iphegenie en Aulide' and illustrated his talk with recordings and video from the original Gluck opera and Wagner's version, as well as from 'Die Walküre'. 

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Professor Evans' presentation
Professor Evans' presentation