Society events held in 2014


2 February 12.30pm: DVD - Act 1,
Tristan und Isolde,
Glynebourne 2007 Lehnoff production with Nina Stemme
2pm: After Wagner - first time Melbourne Ring cast and creative team report back followed by Welcome back party Goethe Institut
2 March 12.30pm: DVD - Act 2,
Tristan und Isolde
2pm: Valkyries of the Wagner clan: family disfunction set to music
by Dr David Schwartz
Goethe Institut
6 April 12.30pm: DVD - Act 3,
Tristan und Isolde

2pm: R1 and R2:
The two Richards,
Strauss and Wagner

by Dr David Larkin

Goethe Institut
25 May  

2pm: Annual General Meeting followed by recital by Matthew Reardon and Chris Richardson (Lisa Gasteen National Opera School Scholar) accompanied
by Bradley Gilchrist, and Wagner’s Birthday Celebration


Goethe Institut
15 June 12.30pm: DVD - Act 1 of Parsifal,  Met Opera 2013 with Kaufmann 2pm: Simon O'Neill, Heldentenor from the Southern hemisphere Goethe Institut
20 July 12.30pm: DVD - Act 2 of Parsifal,  Met Opera 2013 with Kaufmann 2pm: Behind and below the stage by Mamie Sebire, Wagner tuba, Melbourne Ring Orchestra and Roger Press, Assistant Director, Melbourne Ring Cycle Goethe Institut
23 August   10am - 5pm: Beyond the twilight of the gods: Wagner's musical legacy by Dr Antony Ernst  Willoughby Uniting Church
21 September 12.30pm: DVD - Act 3 of Parsifal,  Met Opera 2013 with Kaufmann 2pm: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: The Long Strange Ride of Wagner's Valkyries 
by Dr James Wierzbicki
Goethe Institut
11 October 12.30pm: DVD - Wagner Bicentenary Gala Concert from Semperoper Dresden with Jonas Kaufmann, and Staatskapelle Dresden conducted by Christian Thielemann 2pm: In pursuit of choral perfection: insiders' views of the Bayreuther Festspiel Choir 
by George Gilmour and
Sarah Louise Owens
Goethe Institut
9 November   2pm: Recital by Anke Hoppner accompanied by David Miller, followed by Christmas party Goethe Institut