Society events held in 2009


15 February 12.45pm: DVD - Documentary on Katharina Wagner, mostly about her 2007 Bayreuth Meistersinger production  2pm: Wagner and Beethoven 
by Peter Bassett
Goethe Institut
15 March 12.30pm: DVD - Act 1 of Meistersinger, Katharina Wagner's 2007 Bayreuth production 2pm: Coming to Wagner 
by Warwick Fyfe
Goethe Institut
Monday     23 March DVD - Act 2 of Meistersinger, Katharina Wagner's 2007 Bayreuth production Special event: Wagner, the Dutchman and the Sea by Professor Heath Lees. An introduction to the performances of Der fliegende Holländer in Adelaide in early November. Afterwards Professor Lees to join interested Society members for a meal at a local restaurant. Goethe Institut
24 May 11.45am: DVD - Act 3 of Meistersinger, Katharina Wagner's 2007 Bayreuth production 2pm: Annual General Meeting
followed by a recital by
Alexandra Hutton (soprano) and Adam Player (baritone) accompanied by
Sharolyn Kimmorley, and an afternoon tea to celebrate Richard Wagner’s birthday (22 May) 
Goethe Institut
19 July 12.30pm: DVD - Katharina Wagner's Feuertaufe (Baptism of Fire) - second screening 2pm: Recital by Stephen Whale, one of the Society’s student members studying piano at the Sydney Conservatorium and pianist
Tom Johnson and a singer 
Goethe Institut
20 September  

2pm: Panel discussion led by members of the Society, who have been to the 2009 Bayreuth opera festival. 

Goethe Institut
18 October  

2pm: Concert by members of the Sydney University Opera Company

Goethe Institut

8 November   2pm: From Malediction to Valediction - curses and dramatic resolution in Wagner 
by Dr Antony Ernst
Goethe Institut
29 November 2pm: DVD - Simone Young - to Hamburg from Downunder  Christmas party Goethe Institut