Society events held in 2001


18 February   1pm: Video - Das Rheingold (Bayreuth 1991/92 - Barenboim & Kupfer - Tomlinson, Finnie, Johansson, Svenden, von Kannen, Hölle, Kang etc)
 Whole Ring Cycle to be shown over 2001-2002
Goethe Institut
18 March   1pm: Video - Die Walküre (Bayreuth 1991/92 - Barenboim & Kupfer) Goethe Institut
8 April   1pm: Video - Parsifal (Bayreuth 1981 - Stein & Wagner - Weikl, Salminen, Sotin, Jerusalem, Randova etc)  Goethe Institut
20 May   Annual lunch to commemorate Richard Wagner's birthday, 22 May 1813. Guest Speaker, Rita Hunter, Honorary Life Member   The Women's Club 
15 July   1pm: AGM; Guest Speaker - Simon Williams and Guest Performers -Warwick Fyfe, Bass, and
Stephen Mould, piano
Goethe Institut
16  September  

1pm: Video - Siegfried (Bayreuth 1991/92 - Barenboim & Kupfer)

Goethe Institut
21 October   1pm: Discussion led by members who attended the 2000 and 2001 Bayreuth Festivals Goethe Institut
18 November   1pm: Ms Marie Bashir, Governor of NSW, with Dr Boman and
Dr Freiberg: Psychological Aspects of the Major Characters in Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungen 
Goethe Institut
9 December   1pm: Annual Society Christmas Party; Wagner in Hollywood - Movie/Music Quiz   Goethe Institut