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At the AGMM on 2 April a new Committee was elected. After seven years the Janet Mathews did not stand for reelection. The AGM was delighted that Vice President Colleen Chesterman has agreed to step into Jane's very big shoes. Dennis Mather also has laid down his Committee responsibilities after two decades of service. Both Jane and Dennis will assist the new Committee 'ex officio' over the next few months. 

Committee 2017

President: Colleen Chesterman 
Vice Presidents: Leona Geeves and Mike Day 
Treasurer: Margaret Whealy 
Secretary: Barbara de Rome 
Members: Nick Dorsch, Jenny Edwards, Florian Hammerbacher, Anthony Jones and Mailis Wakeham

Other functions 
Public Officer: Alasdair Beck 
Newsletter Editor: Terence Watson

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